Tuesday 1st September

Today was a very hectic day. District athletics occurred and due to the reduced number of students in each class, both 3/4 classes were merged, and a CRT was present. This meant 31 students were in one class. This caused numerous behavioural issues and anxiety issues with students with special needs especially Riles who had an eventful day. Riles had been uncooperative all day. By the time it was my turn to teach, he defied my instructions and said ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ at the end of the day. Since I know of his condition, I did not pursue him, as I knew that he wouldn’t be listening, and therefore any action would be would be ineffective. I will speak to the MT tomorrow. In hindsight, the warning system should have been employed at the start of the day. The reason it wasn’t done at the start was because of the large class that we had today, however, in future, I need to keep on this as the systems that are in-place to maintain classroom behaviour should not be let go, but adapted to new situations as they arise.

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