Wednesday 2nd September

The MT returned today, and today was Lana’s last day. After the previous two days without him, I had prepared to teach the class in case the MT was away again. Although I volunteered to take the first class, the MT was insistent that he took the lesson today to reconnect with his students since he had been absent. This annoyed me a little, however, I took this opportunity to learn, and he gave me the opportunity to take the maths class. It was a difficult task as it was to describe fractions as decimal. While I prepared by watching videos from Khan Academy, and from Booker (2014), the teacher commented afterwards that the lesson should just be the basics, and therefore my lesson may have been too complicated. Unfortunately, from this reflection, I should have used direct instruction, rather than teach the students the concept of fractions as decimal, that is, I should have just told them 1/10 equals 0.1, 2/10 equals 0.2 and so on. Again, this did not sit right with me, but I understood the reasoning behind it, that is there was not enough time to allow them to understand the concept, and that they would have a better understanding the next time they learnt about fractions.

I had mentioned to the MT about Riles’ behaviour the previous day. I was able to have a talk to Riles about his behaviour the previous day, and assured him that the instructions given to him were not to victimise him, but were to help him learn, and that my purpose and the teacher’s purpose was to help him learn at school. He apologised and he had a better day in class.

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